Waves launches Bass Rider

The highly respected plugin developer Waves has launched a special kind of compressor, specifically aimed at bass instruments. It’s called Bass Rider and resembles Wave’s vocal plugin Vocal Rider. Bass Rider is optimized to work well with bass oriented instruments and, like Vocal Rider, it analyzes the incoming signal and applies compression to notes, instead of sound. In other words, the whole note (attack, sustain and decay) is considered the smallest event, and the same amount of compression is applied to the the whole event. This way, the natural relationships between transients and decays are preserved. Price $100.

Waves bass rider

LinPlug launches relectro

LinPlug has released it’s first effect plugin, named relectro. LinPlug describes the device as being specialized on a specific task, namely to modify loops and samplings and make them sound like unusual electronic drums. Now, isn’t this to think a little narrow, considering the wealth of creativity that we represent, as users? Doesn’t it sound a bit limiting? Or is it just me? ;-)