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Learn Ableton Live Online

Good, thorough and pedagogical courses in Ableton Live. There are two levels (beginner/intermediate and advanced) which can be purchased separately, or together for a discount price. The teacher, Rob Jones (who has done a series of promotion jobs for Focusrite and Novation) does a thorough demonstration of the program’s functions, the instruments and effects that comes bundled with Ableton Live, and introduces the viewer to various production techniques. The level of difficulty is comfortably low at the beginning, and is gradually increased at a well judged pace.

Logic training Courses Online

Same as above, but in Apple’s program Logic.

macprovideo tutorials

Extensive video library with courses on different subjects. Specialized courses in different music applications (Garageband, Logic, Ableton Live etc.) as well as more general lessons in studio- and recording techniques.

pointblankonline tutorials

Advanced courses in different DAW applications as well as in sound design, mixing etc.

A large collection of films on different areas of digital music production (mainly from inside some DAW). Apart from some detailed tutorials there are a large number of walk through demonstrations. With some receptiveness and creativity, a lot can be learned this way, and then applied to your own music.

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